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CzechTourism se zaměřuje na Latinskou Ameriku

25. 02. 2008

Czech Republic hosts prestigious meeting of Latin American tour operators OMVESA

CzechTourism, the state-run agency geared towards the advancement of tourism, chose the right direction last year when it opened a branch office in Mexico. This office is designed to serve all of Latin America; and it has already borne its first fruit. The six-member delegation associated with the elite tour operator OMVESA will visit the Czech Republic.

In March 2007, the Czech Republic, Spain and Egypt competed in Badajoza, Spain for the privilege of hosting this year's prestigious OMVESA meeting. Our country, with its partners at CzechTourism, will present the Czech Republic and its travel industry at the working meeting from 20 to 25 February 2008 in various venues around the country.

The 29th meeting of the best travel agents of world destinations, previously held in such places as Lisbon and Bordeaux, will be organized by the Czech Republic this year. CzechTourism will prepare the reception and first presentation about the Czech Republic. Next, CzechTourism will guide congress participants out to the Czech countryside – Karlovy Vary and environs, South Bohemia and the captial Prague from 22 – 25 February. Karlovy Vary also becomes the most important „gro“ of their meeting on 21 February. Further interested persons from other Czech regions will have a chance to set up congress booths and present something interesting from their region during CzechTourism's so­cial evening in Národní Dum („National House“) in Vinohrady on 23 February. Gastronomy will be one of the showcases of CzechTourism this year and in the course of the evening they will introduce foods and wines of various regions. All this will be accompanied by cymbalos bands in full costume.

The Central and Eastern Europe Region, to which Czech Republic belongs, is becoming a popular destination for Latin tourists, who have been requesting more and more information and excursions from their travel agencies. Latin America is a market with more than a half – billion inhabitants, with more than 2 million tourists travelling annually to Europe. There is now a unique opportunity to introduce the potential for tourism and offer this for „sale“ to tour operators. The Czech Republic offers a veritable „symphony of experiences“, which truly warrants a visit.
Karin Šeligová, Press Secretary for CzechTourism

Adresa zahraničního zastoupení v Mexiku s působností pro Latinskou Ameriku:
Address for foreign representation in Mexico, covering Latin America:

Oficina Nacional Checa de Turismo-CzechTourism
Petr Lutter – ředitel
Kepler 101, Col. Nueva Anzures, Del. Miguel Hidalgo
11590 Mexico D.F.
tel./fax: +52 55 5545 8000

Oficina Nacional Checha de Turismo – CzechTourism
Patricia Ana Cmol – spolupracovnice CzechTourism
Martin J. Haedo 2636 (1602) Florida
Pcia. de Buenos Aires
tel.: +541147602419
(komunikační jazyk: pouze španělština)

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